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發表時間:2019-08-30? 瀏覽量:483? 下載量:90
全部作者: 王亞楠,張娟
作者單位: 華北電力大學數理學院
摘 要: 目的:通過生物信息學方法基于蛋白互作(protein-protein interaction,PPI)網絡搜尋結直腸癌的中樞基因。方法:為搜尋結直腸癌的中樞基因,分析了3個來自Gene Expression Omnibus(GEO)數據庫的基因芯片數據集(GSE21815、GSE21510、GSE113513)。首先,將維恩分析得到的差異表達基因進行功能富集和通路分析,了解其聚類原因。然后,通過STRING數據庫構建差異表達基因的PPI網絡,并進行子網絡模塊分析,以更加精準地發掘結直腸癌發生過程的核心路徑。最后,依據結合度篩選出結直腸癌發生過程中的中樞基因。結果:研究發現了在整個PPI網絡中結合分數較高的前10個基因,將這10個基因確定為結直腸癌發生過程中起關鍵作用的中樞基因,并發現這些基因與細胞周期過程密切相關。結論:所發現的中樞基因可以成為結直腸癌的治療靶點。
關 鍵 詞: 應用數學;結直腸癌;蛋白互作網絡;中樞基因
Title: Searching for hub genes of colorectal cancer based on PPI network
Author: WANG Yanan, ZHANG Juan
Organization: School of Mathematics and Physics, North China Electric Power University
Abstract: Objective: To search for hub genes of colorectal cancer based on protein-protein interaction (PPI) network through bioinformatics methods. Methods: To search for the hub genes of colorectal cancer, three gene chip datasets (GSE21815, GSE21510, GSE113513) from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database were analyzed. Firstly, the differentially expressed genes obtained by Venn analysis were subjected to functional enrichment and pathway analysis to understand the reason for clustering. Then, the PPI network of differentially expressed genes was constructed by STRING database, and sub-network module analysis was carried out to explore the core path of colorectal cancer more accurately. Finally, the hub genes were screened based on the degree of binding during colorectal carcinogenesis. Results: The top ten genes with higher binding scores were found in the entire PPI network. These ten genes were identified as hub genes that played a key role in the colorectal carcinogenesis, and these genes were closely related to the cell cycle process. Conclusion: The discovered hub genes can be the therapeutic target for colorectal cancer.
Key words: applied mathematics; colorectal cancer; protein-protein interaction network; hub genes
發表期數: 2019年8月第4期
引用格式: 王亞楠,張娟. 基于PPI網絡搜尋結直腸癌的中樞基因[J]. 中國科技論文在線精品論文,2019,12(4):579-588.
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